When To Begin potty training Your Child

Little boy sitting on potty with newspaperDuring the course of potty training your child, it’s not only the child who would have a difficult time, but you as a parent as well. Which is why it is utterly important to have a lot of patience during this very important stage in a child’s development. Make sure that you do not in any way threaten your child with a punishment or make him overly conscious of himself if he fail to do some parts.

Make it a point that you train your child to call on you every time he or she feels the urge to use the toilet. Follow the link to learn more about potty training in 3 days. Also, make it a point that they use the toilet physically the right way. And as a parent, it is your duty to also look after your child and seek for signs that he or she is ready to use the toilet.

It is strongly discouraged to force your child in any way possible into sitting on the toilet to relive his bowels. You might think that forcing them to do that is a form of discipline, but it is actually not and it will only make potty training all the more difficult for both of you. Forcing your child to sit on a toilet will only make it as a negative experience for them, all the more reason for them not to sit on it as much as possible. Some children even go as far as holding in their bowels because of the fear of going on a toilet, which results to constipation.

It is important that you set a side a special schedule when training your child to use the potty, so clear your day’s schedules before the training starts. Do not start your baby’s potty training if you feel that you can’t commit to it due to a busy schedule, it will only make the experience all the more stressful and challenging. During the course of the potty training, you should also make sure that aside from trying to make your child get used to the routine of relieving himself in the potty, you should also make it a point to make all other routines in the house stay as it is.

Your friends, some books, or the Internet may tell you that a child’s potty training will only take to get done with in a specified number of days, but you shouldn’t be pressured by that if your child does not achieve that’s standard because each child grows differently, and they vary in development as well. Click here to learn more about on when to start potty training. Other kids may learn in just a single day, others may take up to weeks of training, but it doesn’t really matter because what matter most is that you have successfully trained them to do so and they have achieved the goal as well.

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