The Importance of Potty Training

Little boy sitting on potty and reading newspaperPotty training is an extremely crucial aspect of a child’s growth and development, according to Freud’s psychology. Freud may not have been successful with all his theories, but potty training was one upon which he was very successful in that a lot of people still make sure that their child passes through it successfully. Potty training are relatively easy for most normal children, but it’s a challenge when it comes to the special cases such as children with autism. Autistic children should be started with potty training carefully, which means that parents should wait till the child shows any signs or appearances of being independent first before starting them on potty training.

Originally, the concept of 3 day potty training was designed in a way that the normal child could follow through easily. Although the potty training concept was designed universally, a lot of them are still not within the scope of an autistic child’s abilities. And so through the years, potty training for children with autism has become more possible thanks to the contribution of a lot of people who made adjustments and revisions on some of the concepts in potty training to suit an autistic child’s needs.

When it comes to toilet training a normal child, parents usually make use of rewards and prizes in order to reinforce good behavior. But unlike normal children, autistic children may not do so well even with positive reinforcements or rewarding good behavior and the like. There could be a few times wherein your reward will be acknowledged, but most of the time it will not, and so expect a lot of rejection and being ignored when doing this to special children with autism. The disorder autism results to a dysfunction of the social interaction of a child’s experience. Autistic children will show some signed of detachment to the environment he is in, completely ignoring the social aspect of life, and sometimes even ignoring their own parents for that matter. Click here to learn about when to start potty training. Which is why it is extremely important to consider this fact when revising or adjusting potty training techniques for children with autism.

You as a parent or guardian should understand of all people that children with autism do not even understand the importance of potty training in the first place. It is extremely important to carefully consider all of these problems in interaction and communication before planning out a toilet training program for an autistic child. Expect that communication will be a problem since a lot of these autistic children do’s speak at all. This is again, one of the problems that you should consider when potty training the child with autism. But aside from that, one of the most difficult challenges in potty training an autistic child is how to break them out of their rigid and adhered to routines. Always consider how difficult it is for the child to break out of his routine, affecting the whole process of potty training.

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