Potty Training – Easy and Practical Tips

potty trainingThere is  a need for toddlers to undergo potty training and it is the job of any parent to do. Potty training is not something that is done overnight and then you immediately achieve results, it takes some time to finally train a child.

I am a mother of three kids and with them I have come to realize that potty training can be easy and may be started when a child starts to communicate. You will be very happy with the tips that will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

You can give potty training to you kid as early in his years.
There are cultures wherein babies are being trained when they are six months old so by the tie the babies are one year old they are already well trained. Likewise you will also find that in some countries children are potty trained when they turn one year. Some doctors would advise that potty training should be given as soon as the baby shows readiness and this can be seen when the baby shows dislike of wet diapers and when you bring the baby to sit on a potty, the baby just sit there and does not resist at all.

Don’t give up
With my first born, it was more of an experimentation because he does not like it when I made him sit on his potty and he would really go mad and stand up, this was when he was one year old. What I did to make him sit steady was to bring toys close to the potty so he could play while sitting and this proved to be effective, I stay there the whole time to play with him.

Give a little something when his/she is done.
You need to show that every time the baby uses the potty, it is a big thing. You have to make the baby realize that it’s an accomplishment. Click here to learn more about 3 day potty training. Giving incentive should not be extraordinary, having a sticker ready and give it every time will do or perhaps put on the DVD the baby loves to watch after using the potty.

Show that you are firm.
Kids are our everything, that is for sure. However there are instances that we have to be firm in disciplining them so that they will know how to behave properly. Being firm or showing authority does not mean that you go harsh with the kids, you just show them that there are things that are not negotiable and that they have to conform. Potty training for example, the babies young as they are should learn that this is something they should do.

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